National Media Group

NMG's TV assets win TEFI awards

REN TV received four TEFI statuettes in the year of its 20th anniversary. This year, the channel has been successful in terms of broadcasting and thus was announced the winner in the following categories:

1. In the “Terrestrial/ Non-terrestrial TV Promotion” category: “REN-TV and Vasily Lozhkin present”;

2. In the “Journalistic Investigation” category: the “Blind mules” project;

3. In the “Educational Program” category: “Military secret” by Igor Prokopenko;

4. In the “Leading Information and Analytical Final Program Host”: Andrey Dobrov (“Dobrov on the air”).

Channel 5 was the deserved winner in the “Event of the Television Season” category. The TEFI 2017 jury awarded the top prize to the channel for organizing and broadcasting the unique “Scarlet sails” TV show.