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REN TV to hold the largest off-air campaign in the history of Russian TV

The first weekend of summer 2018 will be under the aegis of “Game of Thrones”. REN TV will hold 5 themed festivals – in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnoyarsk, and Perm, and will also show all the seasons of the legendary fantasy series. REN TV will be the first Russian TV channel to conduct such a large-scale off-air campaign to support the TV show.

The main event at each festival will be performances from high-profile rock stars. Guests will not only be fully immersed in the world of the legendary Game of Thrones, but will also enjoy free concerts given by the groups Lyube, Knyazz, Aria, Vyacheslav Butusov and others. REN TV will also give people the chance to battle for the Iron Throne, take part in workshops, and win themed prizes.

In Moscow, the festival will be held at Park Pobedy (Victory Park) on Poklonnaya Hill, with Vyacheslav Butusov and the group Melnitsa performing on the REN TV stage. The event will be sponsored by the Victory Museum. In St. Petersburg, Game of Thrones and the group Knyazz will be at the Bryantsev Youth Theatre. In Krasnoyarsk, the venue will be the Gorky Park of Culture and Recreation, with a performance by the group Aria. REN TV will be welcoming fans of the series in Rostov-on-Don at Levoberezhny Park: headliners of the event will be Nikolai Rastorguev and the group Lyube. In Perm, the festival will be held on the banks of the Kama River.

Popular REN TV hosts will also be on stage – Petr Marchenko and Arkady Nazarenko (News), Vladimir Shcheglov (The Most Useful Program).

In each city, guests will be able to meet the winners of the Doubles of Thrones competition, which REN TV ran on social networks and on the website. Russian doubles of the characters will give the events a real Game-of-Thrones atmosphere.

On June 3, the day after the great festivals, Russian viewers will be treated to a Game of Thrones showing of an equally grand scale. The TV channel will show the 7 seasons of the “biggest season of the summer” over 7 Sundays. The viewers will be able to go through the whole Game of Thrones – from the first meeting with the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms to the final battles with the armies of the living dead.