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Izvestia TV ( sees increase in audience

Since broadcasts began in September 2017, Izvestia has reached potential audience coverage of more than 67 million people throughout Russia. The channel’s estimated technical penetration is 32.7%.

The major business achievement was the inclusion of Izvestia in the service packages of the Russian Federation’s largest cable and satellite operators. These include Rostelecom, Tricolor, MTS, Beeline, ER-Telecom, AKADO, Megafon TV and Orion-Express. The channel can also be viewed through the regional cable networks.

Today the channel is accessible to nearly half of Russia's residents, as well as to all Internet users. Izvestia provides an opportunity to learn the latest news in a format convenient for the audience – either on the TV screen or on the Internet through the portal. Multimedia portal receives 26 million unique monthly visitors. By broadcasting content on its website, Izvestia is capable of maintaining the standards of quality of classical television while keeping up with the current trends in digital technology.

Reference Information:

Izvestia is Russia’s first private multimedia information center. It brings together the editorial and technological capabilities of the REN TV, Fifth Channel news services and Izvestia newspaper. The Multimedia Information Centre Izvestia is a universal platform for the informational content of various formats, including TV, print and the Internet. The joint editorial staff is over 1,500 people. Izvestia includes the new Internet portal, which combines the capabilities of a 24-hour news channel with a socio-political publication. The editorial staff of the portal broadcasts information in several formats at once.

Izvestia TV is a round-the-clock information resource that broadcasts content from Izvestia Multimedia Information Center. Broadcasting takes place around the clock, and news is updated every 15 minutes.