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Izvestia TV channel launched on Rostelecom's Interactive TV

The new Izvestia TV channel has been included in Rostelecom's Interactive TV service and is now available in all parts of the Russian Federation.

The total potential audience of Izvestia TV channel has reached 19 million subscribers. Now the channel is also available as part of Rostelecom's Interactive TV service (Button 29).

Izvestia had previously been launched on Tricolor satellite TV platform and became available to users of Rostelecom analogue network in Moscow.

Izvestia TV channel is the 24/7 information resource which broadcasts the content of MIC Izvestia. The channel broadcasts 24/7, and news programs are broadcast every 15 minutes.

Izvestia's main goal is to provide its audience with information on the most important events in Russia and in the world as soon as possible. News programs for the channel are made by the services of REN TV and Channel 5, as well as by the journalists of Izvestia newspaper.

Interactive TV gives users maximum control over the content and viewing; the TV can also be used to access the Internet. For more information on Rostelecom's Interactive TV, see the operator's website.


MIC Izvestia is Russia's first private multimedia information center uniting the editorial and technological capabilities of the news services of the channels REN TV and Channel 5, and Izvestia newspaper. MIC Izvestia is a multi-purpose platform for generating content of different formats (TV, print, and online). The team of the joint editorial office comprises more than 1,500 people. MIC Izvestia also includes a new web portal combining the capabilities of a 24-hour news TV channel and a socio-political newspaper. The editorial staff of the portal simultaneously transmit information in several different formats.