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A new city TV channel "78" presents its logo

In September 2017 a new Saint Petersburg city channel “78” will be launched in Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region as part of expanding the editorial and content capabilities of MIC "Izvestia".

The channel presents a modern logo which the corporate identity will be based on. Visual solutions used to create the logo of "78" reflect the channel's main principles – openness of the audience, focus on city events and a modern form of content delivery. The key idea of the brand correlates with the "window" - a symbol of openness and new opportunities.

The "78" viewing grid will be based on newscasts about "events in the city and the region." The viewing grid will also include discussion and journalistic TV programs about burning issues related to the life of the metropolis whose residents want to discuss events taking place in the city and in the region.

"The strength of the channel's editorial policy will consist in its presence in the digital environment on the portal of "78", which will become a city service convenient for consumers. Our basic principle is "Know what imbues the city / learn how to use it". The portal combine traditional media with a convenient city information service", - said Vladimir Tyulin, Director General of MIC “Izvestia”.

Integration of Saint Petersburg city channel “78” into the structure of MIC “Izvestia” is a natural part of the process for expanding TV coverage of MIC “Izvestia” in the Northwestern Federal District and creation in the perimeter of the NMG media assets of the largest TV production cluster with its center in Saint Petersburg.


Channel "78" will begin broadcasting in September 2017 in Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region and will become part of Multimedia Information Center "Izvestia". MIC “Izvestia” integrates editorial and technological capabilities of the news services of TV channels REN, Channel Five, and the Izvestia newspaper serving as a cross-functional platform for producing multi-format information content for TV, printed media and Internet. The team of the joined editorial office numbers over 1.5 thousand people. MIC “Izvestia” also comprises a new web portal combining capabilities of a 24-hour news TV channel and a socio-political newspaper. The editorial staff of the portal simultaneously transmits information in several formats.