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Channel Five wins the tender for organizing the 2017 Scarlet Sails

The Committee for Print and Media Relations declared Channel Five the winner of the competition for the right to organize Scarlet Sails, a celebration for high school graduates in St. Petersburg. The event will take place on June 23, the Channel's Media Office was informed.

As the winner, Channel Five will be subsidized with RUB 16.2 million from the municipal budget for organizing the celebration, according to the expert committee for competitive selection. No details are to be disclosed of the creative concept by the Scarlet Sails organizers until the official presentation and project discussionsat the organizational committee, which will take place soon under the chairmanship of DeputyGovernor Vladimir Kirillov.

Channel Five has been broadcasting the event since 2005, and has been organizing it since 2013. In 2016, Scarlet Sails was named the best event in the City Festivalcategory at the Best European Event Award championship.