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Winners of the Eurosport Competition are to comment on NHL playoff games in a live broadcast

Eurosporthas announced winners of the NHL Sports Commentator Competition: Andrei Meng from St Petersburg, and Sergei Krasnov and Alexander Eremiev from Moscow. In a team with a professional Eurosport hockey commentator, each winner will comment a match of the NHL playoff series in a live broadcast.

Matches of one of the world's most prestigious tournaments in Russia will be aired by Eurosport, which has become theexclusive NHL broadcast partner in Russia for three NHL seasons, including the current one. In May, Eurosport not only letRussian fans closely follow developments but also try themselves as sports commentators.

Applicants were asked to send a brief audio-comment ona match fragment —the third period of the match between the Minnesota Wild and the Washington Capitals. Not only wasprofessional knowledge of hockey evaluated, but also the ability to deliver it in an exciting, lively and confident manner. AndreiMeng and SergeiKrasnov were selected as winners by aprofessional jury comprising representatives of the Eurosport's hockey commentators team, namely, Vladimir Dekhtyarev, Sergei Fedotov, Oleg Mosalev and Alexander Kuzmak. The third lucky personwas selected by the website’s users, who voted for Alexander Eremiev. All three winners will head to the Eurosport studio in Moscow to comment— on a team with Eurosport commentators! — onone of the Stanley Cup games.

"To be a member of the jury and evaluate the works they send is an exciting experience: participants were commenting on the same fragment, but no two pieceswerealike. Each commentator had his own style, his own manner. This means that the applicants preparedthoroughlyto tacklethe challenging task. It's one thing to be a fan in a stadium or in front of a TV screen, and quite another to smartly and interestingly comment on a game. The winners have proved they deserve to join the Eurosport team of professionals during NHL games, which is one of the most prestigious tournaments, and I sincerely congratulate them with the well-earned victory," says SergeiFedotov, Eurosport commentator and member of the NHL Sports Commentator Competitionjury.

"This competition is an excellent platform for searching for talented young commentators onanextremely sophisticated type of sport—ice hockey. The Eurosport initiative helps find new talents. We received many decent applications, and selected the best, though it was not an easy decision. I thank all applicants for their participation in the competition," says Vladimir Dekhtyarev, Eurosport commentator and member of the NHL Sports Commentator Competitionjury.

Winner Alexander Eremievsaidthat the Eurosport Competition helped him bring a long-held dreamto life. His becamefond of hockey in early childhood while playing the legendary video game NHL-07, and he followed the game on TV. This year’s Competition has giveenhim a chance to turn from a fan into a real commentator. Just like two others, Alexander will travelto the Eurosport studio in Moscow. Every winner will work at one of theStanley Cup games with Eurosport commentators!