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Izvestia newspaper launches a new special project Love and Warscheduled to coincide with Victory Day

It is dedicated to those who found the strength to love during the hard times of the Great Patriotic War.

Five real-life stories about people whose love has stood the test of fire. Memories of the hard years and deep feelings, reverential letters and dairies, filled with sadness and distress for loved ones.

The project is supported by the Moscow Provincial Theater. Theater actors, such as Sergei Bezrukov, People's Artist of Russia;Galina Bokashevskaya, Honored Artist of Russia;Alexander Sokolovsky, Vera Shpak and Anton Khabarov, and Russian film and theateractors read heartfelt poems by Soviet and Russian poets about love and war.

An Elocution Competition was announced, to be held as part of the Love and War project. Anyone who feels like it can participate in the competition by filing a video of themselves reciting their favorite poems about the Great Patriotic War.

The winner will get two tickets to the Moscow Provincial Theater under the direction of Sergei Bezrukov to a stage production based on the The Jolly Soldier, a military story by Viktor Astafyev. The Competition will be held from April 24 until May 12.