National Media Group

Children Like Children!

Just before September 1 REN TV channel ran the project Children Like Children devoted to counseling of the Filimonkovskiy orphanage boarding school Solnyshko.

For several years already the children of the Filimonkovskiy orphanage boarding school Solnyshko receive their friends – the REN TV employees who give them their attention, care, warm atmosphere and simply arrange merry holidays. Within the framework of the charity project Children Like Children every foster child was offered a difficult question to answer: "What am I going to be when I grow up?" The kids were drawing what they wanted to become and then the channel employees helped them to create the images of their future professions.

The channel tried to make the children's dreams come true by arranging a bright photo shoot with the children dressed as spacemen, teachers, doctors, ballet dancers, painters and making an actual holiday with clowns, petting zoo of exotic animals and cotton candy.