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Angel's Day

The 2016 Channel 5's project helped 53 orphanage foster children to find a family where they are loved and waited for.

    • The Leningrad regiongovernment

Channel 5 broadcasts a unique project whose authors expect to drive close attention to the problem of orphanage and encourage the viewers to think about the noble and rewarding role of adoptive parents. Angles of the project are the orphanage foster children. The purpose of the program, which has been run since 2013, is to help and make true the ultimate wishes of the children who had lost their parents' guidance.

In 2015 49 children got a new family, within a year the program helped 53 children to find a home. Since 2017 10 children have already found a mother and a father. During the implementation of the program it has helped 150 children in total. The Angel's Day is a program about love that orphanage foster children miss so much.