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Good Deeds Day

Good Deeds Day on Channel 5 is organized every Thursday with a "Tomorrow will be late. Help now!" slogan.

    • Charitable Foundation PodariZhizn (Give life)
    • Charitable foundation (
    • Regional charity social fund DetskiyeSerdtsa (Children's hearts)
    • Children's help charitable social foundation LiniaZhizni (Life Line)
    • Saint Petersburg charitable foundation for helping children fighting cancer SVET (Light)
    • Orthodox Church help service Miloserdiye (Grace)

For several years already Channel 5 have been cooperating with charitable foundations to help sick children. Owing to the Channel 5 viewers and their participation hundreds of babies received the necessary treatment. On February 5, 2015 the Channel launched a weekly program Good Deeds Day on Channel 5. Every Thursday the channel tells a story of a child that urgently needs treatment. During all the daythe program hosts from the news entertainment channel Utrona 5 (Morning on Channel 5) to the news summary Seychas (Now) at 22 p. m. introduce the "hero of the day" to the audience so that as many people as possible can help the child to overcome the illness. The program is supported with image clips starring Russian stars and special graphic elements during all the broadcast day.

On the first day of the program the viewers of Channel 5 transferred more than 16 million rubles for a 4 months old Kirill who need an urgent expensive heart surgery. The raised money was enough not only for Kirill's treatment but also for other little patients' surgeries.