National Media Group

Media Communication Alliance

In 2013 National Media Group became one of the founders of the non-commercial partnership Media Communication Alliance. The main goal of the alliance is to provide effective development of the industry, uniting the efforts of broadcasters, MSO, owners and other players in the market of creating and spreading media content. MCA creates and elaborates approaches to improving the quality of services, creation of the single system of analyzing market data and promoting and developing legal forms of creating, presenting and using media content.

Committee of Industrial Television Awards

At the end of 2013 National Media Group entered the group of founders of non-commercial partnership Committee of Industrial Television Awards. Since 2014 the Committee of Industrial Television Awards arranges TEFI – a prestigious television award presented for the greatest achievements in the television industry.

Television Industry Committee

Since May 14 National Media Group entered the Television Industry Committee. TIC in Russia unites all the participants of the Industrial Community, including television broadcasters, advertisers and advertising agencies. The purpose of creating TIC is to form an effective and transparent mechanism of Industrial control over telemetering and ensure their development in accordance with the needs of the industry.