National Media Group

MIC "Izvestia" is the first private multimedia information center in Russia.

MIC Izvestia is the first multimedia information center in Russia, which has united the editorial and technologic capabilities of the news services of REN TV channel and Channel Five, and Izvestia newspaper. MIC Izvestia is a multi-purpose platform for generating multi-format information content (TV, print, online).

The Center also runs a brand new Internet portal called allowing for both twenty-four-hour news TV broadcasting and socio-political publishing. The editorial team works in an innovativeformat, and simultaneously broadcasts in several formats, including news, video, photo, and analytics.

Users can see the hottest news in the crawl line, and enjoya number of modern visualization tools,such as 3D infographics with location-based maps, photo and video elements. The 360-degree camera provides for the participation effect. The portal has many state-of-the-art interactive features, such as auto-attendant and text-to-speech.

NMG's ownership share
52.4 mln
TV contacts per month
people in the unified editorial team