National Media Group

CTC Media

CTC Media runs five Russian television channels: CTC, Domashniy, Che, CTC Love and CTC Kids, Channel 31 in Kazakhstan, and the international version of the channel Peretz.

The international version of CTC is available in the CIS countries, the Baltic States, and European countries, in North America, Georgia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Mongolia, and Australia.

The international versions of Domashniy and Peretz are available in the CIS countries and Europe, the Baltic States, in North America, Georgia, Mongolia, and Australia.

In addition to television channels, CTC Media also owns a number of entertainment digital media assets:,,,,, and Caramba TV. The company holds all rights over the Kid-E-Cats brand.

Channel management


Vyacheslav Murugov

Chief Executive Officer, CTC Media Director, CTC channel