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СТС Kids is an engaging TV channel for kids.

СТС Kids is a TV channel for children appreciating good cartoons and for parents who want their children to learn through entertainment. Edutainment is the key mission for the channel.

The CTC Kids network is developed in line with recommendations from psychology experts. These recommendations allow different types of activities—entertainment, learning, and movement—to be alternated in the most effective way. In addition, CTC Kids and child psychologists have set a recommended age rating for each programme. With CTC Kids, young viewers can learn foreign languages. In addition to Russian educational programmes, most of the channel’s content is available in the original language (English, French, German, and other languages).

CTC Kids is distributed through the following networks: Rostelecom, TTK, Wifire TV (from February 2019 Akado, Trikolor and others).

Channel management


Lev Makarov

Director, CTC Kids