National Media Group

National Advertising Alliance

National Advertising Alliance was created in 2016 and was initiated by largest Russian media holdings to sell television advertising.

The goal of NAA is creation and development of a single trading platform whichprotects the interests of the television industry and provides the balance of interests of advertisers and broadcasters in dynamically changing advertising market conditions. Today NAA controls more than 95% of television advertising in the country.

National Media Group is one of the founders of National Advertising Alliance alongside Channel One, VGTRK and Gazprom-Media Holding. Every media holding possesses a 25% share in the company.

Director General of National Advertising Alliance is Sergey Vasilyev. The Board of directors also includes representatives of the founders – Director General of National Media Group Olga Paskina, Director General of Channel One Konstantin Ernst, Director General of VGTRK Oleg Dobrodeyev, Director General of Gazprom-Media Holding Dmitriy Chernyshenko.