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Viasat Russia is the largest player on the national subscription television market

Viasat Group is one of the three largest players on the Russian subscription television market in terms of the number of TV channels and the share of viewing among non-terrestrial channels.

In Russia and the CIS countries, the company owns 15 popular premium channels, including channels broadcasting films, entertainment programs, documentaries and sports, such as TV1000, TV1000 Action, TV1000 Russkoe Kino, Viasat Explorre, Viasat History, Viasat Nature, etc.

The channel TV1000 Russkoe Kino is the leader among all premium channels in Russia. It has the largest audience in the country. In terms of cumulative reach, top 25 premium channels in Russia also include TV1000, TV1000 Action, Viasat History, and Viasat Explore.

The company has a right to broadcast film premieres from the leading studios, such as Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures Television, MGM and NBCUniversal, almost immediately after their release. In 2017 the company began to broadcast the latest Hollywood and European TV series simultaneously with the whole world.

The world's 4 largest film studios cooperate with Viasat

Channel management


Aleksey Krol

Director General of theViasat company group