Media coverage of charitable and social projects is the natural form of the corporate social responsibility for the media.
The media's ample opportunity to draw the attention of both individuals and social groups to problems allows them not only to provide real help in specific cases, but also develop a sense of belonging, compassion for those in need of support.
The National Media Group pays special attention to children with problems in the beginning of their lives.
The Group's media resources cover charitable projects and develop their own editorial formats designed to support children who lost parents and are in need of care or treatment.
Moreover, staff members of the Group provide targeted aid to children in boarding schools.

A heart has two wings

In 2013, the National Media Group became an informational partner of a large charity project A Heart Has Two Wings. The project is supported by all its member companies. The aim of the project is to provide medical care to children living in remote regions of Russia.
For this project NMG partnered with:

  • Aeroflot – Russian Airlines
  • FSBI Research Center for Children's Health of RAMS (Institute of Pediatrics)
  • Mikhailov & Partners. Communications Advisers  

Under this project, about 100 children from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk were transported in 2013 to Moscow to the Research Institute of Pediatrics to provide the necessary medical treatment, after which the children returned home. In 2014, there are plans to send mobile medical teams to Abakan, Arkhangelsk, Blagoveshchensk, Ulan-Ude, Chelyabinsk, and Khabarovsk.
The project won widespread support among the general public and the professional community; it was awarded the PROBA-IPRA GWA prize (international public relations competition); it was shortlisted for the Silver Archer prize and entered in the contest A word in league with the good held by the Life Line Fund together with the Russian Television Academy Fund.


Saint Patron's Day

Since 2013, the program Saint Patron's Day has been helping children without parents to gain a family. The authors of the idea expect to attract widespread public attention to the problem of orphans and encourage viewers to think about the noble and rewarding role of foster parents. At the same time, the project is aimed at helping specific children.

Project page

Morning of Good Deeds

Channel Five and the Life Line Fund have pooled their efforts to help seriously ill children.  Every week, kids who need urgent operations receive a chance of recovery.

Project page

Filimonki orphanage "Sunshine"

For several years, children from the orphanage "Sunshine" have been welcoming their friends – REN TV employees who give them attention, care, a warm atmosphere and simply arrange cheerful holidays.


Become Santa Claus!

On the eve of the New Year holidays, REN TV, together with Nashe Radio sponsored a charity project Become Santa Claus! for children from the Filimonki orphanage "Sunshine". Every viewer and listener could turn out in the role of winter's main character – Santa Claus. This only required performing the children's wishes. Letters from children living at the Filimonki orphanage "Sunshine" were posted on a special website. Benefactors were urged to choose a letter and make a present. Presents were handed over to the children at a special charity concert hosted by REN TV and Nashe Radio staff members. Singing New Years songs and ring-dancing with the children were REN TV news anchor Andrei Dobrov, head of the REN TV Press Service Stasia Shulga, singer UTA, Artemy Spider Troitsky, leading brand manager of Multimedia Holding Nata Uridia, and others.


Then a wizard comes flying...

REN TV will hold a charity event for children from the Filimonki orphanage "Sunshine" called Children are children
"What will I be when I grow up?" – Every child has an answer to this question.

The TV channel has plans of making the children's dreams about their future profession come true by organizing photo shoots in costumes of astronauts, teachers, doctors, dancers, artists, etc., thus arranging a real feast! 


A great number of charity events and projects were organized over the long Izvestia history.

The newspaper staff has always been caring people.

Izvestia personally helps those who are most in need.

By publishing real-life stories about overcoming difficulties, the publication appeals to a sense of compassion, charity and mutual aid.