The Industry Committee on TV Audience Measurement

In May 2014 «National Media Group» joined The Industry Committee on TV Audience Measurement. IKT is a association that unifies all participants of industrial society, such as broadcasters, advertising providers and agencies. IKT purpose is to form effective and clear control mechanism over telemeterings and their development in accordance with industry needs.

Media Communication Union

July15, 2013 — «National Media Group» holding became one of the founders of a noncommercial partnership «Media Communication Union». One of the main aims of the Union is to support effective development of the industry by unifying efforts of broadcasters, operators of multiservice communication networks, right holders and other members of the market of media content creation and expansion in developing new cooperation standards. MCU creates modern business models and develops the current ones, devises approaches to the improvement of service quality, creation of a unified system of analysis and data processing of the market, popularization and development of legal forms of creation, providing and consumption of the media content.

Industrial Television Awards Committee

In the end of 2013 «National Media Group» holding joined the founding shareholders of noncommercial partnership «Industrial Television Awards Committee». Since 2014 Industrial Television Awards Committee has become an institutor of TEFI — an award that is given for the highest achievements in television arts.

Association of cable television of Russia

In the end of November 2012 «National Media Group» holding joined a noncommercial organization «Association of cable television of Russia». The Association is a voluntary organizations unit for the purpose of developing cable TV network and broadband wireless access system in Russia, coordination of their business activities and cooperative efforts, representation and protection of common privities of estate.